I’m James from the United States

I’m James from the United States

Hello my name is Jim and I live near Fort Myers Florida. I used to work a job that has me working many long hours. I usually worked 60 to 80 hours a week. Anyway I live in a 3 bedroom house alone. When I travel I either travel alone or I pay my friends way to travel with me. I am growing tired of paying my friends way. So I am looking for a travel partner with the chance it could turn into a long term relationship. I know you never know what will happen but I would like the hope it could. I am flying to Berlin, then |Tel Avia in September . In July I fly to Las Vegas and then Los Angeles for 5 days each. In November I go to Hawaii for 12 days. I dont smoke or drink or do drugs. I am very tall. I am divorced with no kids and live alone. If you want to talk more please write me back and I will send you my text number. If not, good luck!!.

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