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I’m Charles Dugger from the United States


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About me

I'm a married professional with 2 kids that loves to travel, especially during my time off in the summer. I'm a very friendly, honesty, and respectful individual that is open-minded and does not involve myself I unnecessary conflict or trivial drama. I'm all about enjoying life and h it to the fullest. Due to conflicting work schedules, my family is unable to travel with me other than a couple weeks throughout the year.

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I enjoy beautiful picturesque scenery such as mountains, oceans/seas, rolling hills, waterfalls, canyons, forests, lakes, and just about anything else having to do with the miraculous creation of nature. I enjoy most genres of music and personally studied classical piano for 12 years. I love reading interesting and suspenseful and/or romantic books, movies of many kinds, cooking, and learning new things; new cultures, languages, customs. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing of their journey through life. I'm all about honesty and being who you say you are. I'm very loving and giving, but not to the point of being used. I can spot a taker from miles away so if that's you, we aren't compatible travel companions. I honestly have no hangups when it concerns others so of you enjoy some of the same things I do and you're not simply a taker, let's see if we can journey on!

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Travel style

I like to have a general sketch of what I want to see/accomplish but I never write it in pen. I'm spontaneous at times and very flexible.

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