I’m Kaizer xan from Italy

In key words: An Organised Nomad, Vanguard Vagabond, Paradoxical Paradigm

Explorer, adventurer, researcher, analyst, writer, producer and always on a QUEST!!!

Restless at the same time serene, never in one place for too long or if fall in love with a place, can get stuck there forever... like to predict unpredictability of life...

We cannot know each other without embarking on an adventure...

Rest would be best to tell in person... am not much of a writing person, except for stories, ideas and philosophy!

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English, Hindi, Italian

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Writing, Filming, Photography, Gaming, Music, Tech/Inventing & Innovating, Research & Analysis, History, Geography, Philosophy, Mythology, Eschatology, International Relations, War & Conflicts, Legends & Folklore... Venturing in the wild.... and alot more

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Organised Nomad... depends upon, when, where, why and with whom! I like to be organise my Zen Garden like a Samurai but always ready to adapt the environment and mould according to the situation like Mongol Nomads. I only decide the Source and Destination Points... what happens in between is an adventure... in the end its all about the journey!