I’m Serkan from Germany

I’m Serkan from Germany

Hey everyone,

I'm Serkan Bayer and I'm 21 years young. I would describe myself as a freedom enthusiast who feels the constant need to explore new countries and cultures.

I'm always searching for the next crazy experience so I won't become one of those boring 9to5 people;)

My greatest passion is traveling and getting to know new people!!
The fact that every human being on this planet has there own story to tell just blows my mind. So if you are somebody who wants to share his/her story with me while traveling the world then what are we waiting for??

My motto: "I wanna leave this earth with memories not dreams!"

I wanna live my life to the fullest and if u r somebody who wants to join shoot me a message on Instagram, because I can't read them on here :)

I'm ready for an adventure!

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English, French, German

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9. 1. - 28. 1. 2023 (20)

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Outdoor adventures, traveling, hiking, food, new cultures, partying, aviation, space, cars, good netflix shows

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I am traveling to explore and experience not to sit in an all-inclusive resort! I'm always looking forward to meeting new people and to connect with new places. If I'm not visiting a city, I always make sure I have some kind of transportation to get around. I definetely prefer the not so tourist places, but rather get in touch with locals.