I’m Sébastien from Canada

I’m Sébastien from Canada

Hi! I'm Sebastien, here is my story.. i broke up with my ex last July.. since then, about 6 months, i started to really feel a deep envy to travel. I dont have kids. I want to travel the world. I work real hard and I only have 3 weeks of vacations a year. I want to travel during those weeks. I never planed a trip with a girl i don't even know but it sounds thrilling, I can't wait to do my first trip!

I'm a cool guy, very open minded, kind, funny.. Id like
to find a super cool girl, smart, funny, willing to go to adventures with me.. come talk to me; )

Ps.. i live in Montreal, Canada

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English, French

Let's meet in Amsterstam, in Spring

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Being surrounded with people, traveling, *music*, meeting new people, learning

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back pack but in a hotel.. i have enough of hostels.. discovering, laughing, not too much planning, follow the flow, going out at night.. not partying hardcore but at least go out for a beer and have a good time.. smoke a joint are and there, chilling