I’m ehsan Khurshid from the United Kingdom

I’m ehsan Khurshid from the United Kingdom

I'm positive and cheerful person (whooop whoop) super chilled out and enjoy learning about myself and believe we are all created to do great things. I'm looking to travel and hopefully meet people and find friends to show me around their country and show me the hidden gems of their most beloved place.

I enjoy hiking, walking and if there's a chance to get adventurous or try something packed with adrenaline then count me in!

If you can have a laugh at yourself and don't take yourself too seriously then we'll get on great✌

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United Kingdom



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Spontaneous - Travel Anywhere - Fun Activities ✌?


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Greece, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Philippines, Poland, Egypt, Italy, Vietnam, Spain, Morocco, France, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Namibia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Cyprus, Denmark, United States, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Argentina, Indonesia, Mauritius, Singapore

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Learning about new places,

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Prefer being adventurous, hiking, walking, doing activities and fun things to do but also can enjoy museums

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