I’m Sherina.rl from the Netherlands

I’m Sherina.rl from the Netherlands

Hi! I’m Sherina, 20 years old and I’m from the Netherlands.

I’m a spontaneous, social and adventurous person and I’m planning to go on more weekend city trips in Europe next year. (Flying on friday evening and coming back on sunday)

I would love to meet new people to travel with so we can get to know each other and other strangers we meet along the way. :)

I love music, driving around in the car, going for walks, exploring cities and nature, watching sunsets and the stars, I love to go to parties and raves and even though I’m not a photographer myself yet, I love photography and I really want to learn it.

Wanna get to know each other and travel together? Hit me up :)

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Looking for a travel buddy for a weekend trip :)


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Right now I would love to go see Europe with “small weight” City Trips from friday evening - sunday evening.

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