I’m Kalei from the United States

I’m Kalei from the United States

Hello! Very very nice to meet you all future friends. My name is Kalei and I really want to travel just about everywhere! I've been to Spain, Switzerland, and Puerto Rico and am planning a trip around all of Europe coming up! Next I want to explore South America and Africa, and just everywhere! I love language and have it my mission to learn as many as possible before I die, though I theorize my French at the moment sounds more akin to a dying rodent's last words than anything that remotely resembles human language...but it's getting there day by day. I'm a social researcher by day and barista by night, so I can drone on and on about coffee if asked (the people back at home can attest to this, they think I'm a coffee snob haha). I'm up for anything, anytime, anywhere, though I have to be home for Christmas or else my wonderful mother would throw a fit. I also really like sharing experiences with people, and it appears I'm the only person in my inner circle that has caught the travel bug. My last trips alone have left me feeling a little vulnerable and targeted in the public eye, and that feeling can overshadow even the most breathtaking of places. So, I'm looking for a trusty companion to see the world with. Wherever it is we go, I'm sure it will be a hoot. If you maybe would like to join any of the adventure (or all of it), feel free to email me at [email protected]. If you wish to say hi, I'm sure the reasoning for the name will make sense very soon. I can't wait to hear from you;)

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I love a lot of things! I like nature, and people, and food! And as I mentioned before coffee. Coffee is something familiar to me that's done a little bit differently everywhere you go. I like the feeling of newness in a place, and I am of course looking to chase that feeling. I also am interested in movies, I absolutely don't mind taking a night to relax and watch Netflix on my computer after a big day of travels!

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I don't like big fancy places that shelter you from the actual lives of the people. I like walking around, and staying in hostels, and street food. But I'm up for anything! I like a good balance between city and nature anywhere I go. When I was younger, my sister was always the history buff dragging us to museums and shops (fun fact she's a museum curator in training now!) and I was the one that liked nature and beaches and jungles...on trips my mother would force us to compromise half and half to make it fair, and I'm actually grateful for it. It has made me see things I wouldn't have seen had I only done what I wanted! Now I quite enjoy doing both and I think it gives me a well-rounded appreciation of places from many different vantage points! Another thing to note is that directions are not my friend. Trust me, I'll eventually find where I have to go but it takes getting lost three to four times for that to happen. So if you happen to be a good navigator, definitely some brownie points from me haha. But some of my fondest memories are getting lost places! I'm up for any adventure, so if you are as well, then we are probably very compatible travel companions.

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