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About me

Hello, All of my foreign friend call me Alice. I was born and raised in Viet Nam, one bit of the Asian heritage. I lived in a medieval city, which is the old capital of Viet Nam. It is surrounded by historical evidences with gorgeous mountain-river terrain. Since staying there for almost the whole 18 years of my life, I possess so many historical stories, traditional cuisine recipe or even urban legend of my beloved city. Asian culture is believed to be very different than the Western, hence I hope to exchange cultural perspectives with lovely people around the world. After graduated from school, I have chance to study abroad and bear myself in the new culture. I am studying in International Logistics Engineer in a small town of the center Finland. Finland is now my second hometown, country of thousand lakes and forests. I am living with curiousity day by day to explore the beautiful Western unique. I am extrovert, friendly and super enthusiastic person. I am kind of person who love moving around and discovering new values. I would love to spend time with backpackers and locals, sharing long-stories. Last but not least, one favorite fact about me, I just adore children. You know, they make me smile in the silliest but cutest way ever. They’re the sweetest beings on earth.

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Everything about traveling, I can talk with you overnight. #culture #food #book #movie #people #... I am into cooking. I am the only one take care of every meals in my apartment for 4 people. I possess so many Asian cuisine's recipes, I wish to bring my meals to you, taste and see what is different.

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Party? Not me. It would be lovely if I meet new people and stay together exploring different perspectives about people, culture, cuisine,etc. However, I am not that kind of person who keen on staying in the bar, dancing and over drinking. History? Museum? Super enthusiastic :)) Even though I am a young person, I love spending my time in historical places as gorgeous museums, citadel, palace, etc. whenever I go, I will try to understand not only their culture but also their history. Travelling book - I always carry 1 or 2 on my way. That's my treasures for a long-trip. Working while traveling. If you know workaway, I am a big fan. I don't want to waste my time in a hostel with tourists life. I can not wait to throw myself in a new environment, live as locals, do with locals and hopefully "become locals".I am gonna try 1 or 2 workaways for this summer. If you are interested in, join with me! Local cuisine? Never skip it! Really! If you go with me, exploring new food is the best part of my trip. I used to spend a couple of hours, just went around and found the cheap but famous food-store in town ?

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