10 Awesome Snorkeling Spots in the World

by Tim Fox

If you are an adventurous and fearless traveler, Then you appreciate the fact that when you get tired from touring all the fascinating historical sites, cannot think of any museum that you haven’t visited, when you have explored all the exciting open air markets, heading underwater is the only other exhilarating activity that you can engage in.


Whereas scuba divers have the greatest liberty of exploring underwater, snorkeling is something that can be done by children. There’s no doubt that you will also find the activity thrilling, the level of your exhaustion notwithstanding. It doesn't matter if you are accompanying an up-and-coming marine biologist in the exploration of an impressive undersea spots ecosystem, or you feel like interacting with friendly sharks and dolphins, snorkeling can offer an exceptional opportunity of immersing yourself in amazing nature.


To help in planning your next venture, we have compiled a list of ten awesome snorkeling spots around the world, ranging from national parks in the USA to the Maldives- places that you've probably read about or heard of, but never been to. If you choose to visit one or more of the excellent undersea world spots, you’ll come across jaw-dropping and extraordinary sights.


1. Ambergris Caye- Belize



Belize offers outstanding opportunities for closely interacting with eels, various species of beautiful fish and rays. Are you aware that the biggest barrier reef (except the one in Australia) is found in Belize?


If you go on a snorkeling expedition in this area, you’ll come across hundreds of atolls, cays and other features and creatures dotting the beautiful Caribbean coastline. The atolls and cays comprise of brightly colored coral sunken under the turquoise waters.


When you get to Belize, don’t fail to visit the shark-ray alley that’s full of nurse sharks and the Hole-Chan Marine Reserve. The former is one of the few places around the world where you can comfortably swim alongside sharks.


2. Galapagos Islands- Ecuador


Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands comprise of 19 volcanic islands that offer incredible sights into a world of finches, tortoises, iguanas and other fascinating creatures.


Gorgeous waters surrounding the islands. When you snorkel underneath these waters, you’ll come across sea creatures that are equally enthralling.


If you’ve always dreamt of swimming alongside sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, fur seals, orcas, Galapagos penguins and the rare humpback whales, just pack your bags and head to Galapagos Islands.


3. Ilha Grande- Brazil



The incredible Ilha Grande is found off the Brazilian coast, halfway between Rio de Janeiro and the renowned Sao Paolo. Even though the Island boasts of several hotels, the monkey-infested jungles and blue waters full of brightly colored fish make the area look deserted.


You can dive into the Blue Lagoon waters and get a chance of swimming next to seahorses, follow angelfishes and turtles and admire the awesome undersea spots coves as well. You may also come across tens of shipwrecks- what the Portuguese left behind during their usual battles with pirates many years ago.


4. Great Barrier Reef- Australia



Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is among the top ten snorkeling spots around the world. It is the world’s most extensive coral reef ecosystems. It comprises of about two thousand, nine hundred small reefs that extend for more than 1,400 miles adjacent to the Australian shoreline.


It is a must-visit spot for snorkeling enthusiasts, courtesy of the beautiful coral, remnants of water vessels that sunk years ago, breathtaking marine undersea life, manta rays and fascinating barracuda.


5. The Big Island- Hawaii


Incredible snorkeling spots surround the whole Hawaiian archipelago. However, The Big Island contains an unbelievable number of snorkeling spots. It is important to note that the island above is larger than all the other Hawaiian Islands put together.


Kealakekua Bay’s underwater state park boasts of Technicolor coral, incredible history, and colorful fish. According to historians, various renowned people landed on the Big Island, including the famous Captain James Cook.


If you’ve always dreamt of interacting with sea creatures such as turtles and dolphins, you’ll only need to snorkel near the well-known Captain Cook Monument.


6. Palau



When you set foot in Palau, you’ll learn that snorkelers are prohibited from venturing into all the marine lakes, except one. You can only explore Jellyfish Lake. Just as the name suggests, it boasts of an uncountable number of goldfish.


The Lake is found in Eil Malk Island. Given that the island has remained uninhabited for thousands of years, the fish have found a home where they can reproduce and thrive without any inhibitions. Even though most of the Jellyfish species sting enemies, those found in Palau are harmless to human beings since they primarily feed on algae.


7. Palawan- The Philippines



Even though it may seem like an unpopular snorkeling destination, waters that surround the seven thousand islands in the Philippian's archipelago boast of an assorted ecosystem full of great undersea life. There are numerous snorkeling opportunities, ranging from diving into the world-renowned Donsol Bay to visiting coral reefs off the Noa Noa Island and swimming in the midst of whale sharks.


Every undersea spots explorer must find something to do and see in the dazzling Palawan Island. If visiting the lagoons teeming with fish is not exciting enough, you can swim in Honda Bay, interact with underwater creatures found in Cowrie Island and Starfish Island or explore the Tubbataha Reef.


8. Buck Island- Saint Croix (USVI)

 Visiting national parks often brings up visions of roaming wildlife and grand mountains. However, when you visit Buck Island, you may not come across bears that would steal your picnic basket. Instead, you’ll most probably run into a sociable octopus.


You can go snorkeling in the elkhorn coral barrier-reefs found underneath the brilliant blue waters of Buck Island. Additionally, you’ll have the option of swimming with colorful parrot fishes along underwater trails via one of the United State’s most incredible national treasures.


During the snorkeling expeditions, you may get to interact with different sea turtle species, the endangered brown pelicans, and brain coral.


9. The Maldives



One of the world’s most popular world spots for tourists is the Maldives. Are you aware that the most beautiful sites are found underneath the waves?


The archipelago comprises of tiny islands. The aquamarine water that surrounds these islands is home to an unbelievable 700 fish species. When you snorkel in the Maldives, you’ll get to see sharks, coral, turtles, endangered anemones and many other marine wonders as well. The island boasts of crystal-clear waters, so you can enjoy looking at the underwater gardens.


10. Komodo Island- Indonesia

 For thousands of years, giant lizards have found a comfortable home in Indonesia’s Komodo Island. Tourists who visit this island are usually attracted by the giant lizards. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no other activities that you can engage in apart from watching the reptiles.


If you snorkel underneath Komodo Island’s waters, you’ll hardly believe your eyes. For instance, when you go swimming in Pink Beach, you’ll get to see rays, hawksbill turtles, groupers and other fascinating sea creatures in the underwater garden.


Alternatively, you can explore Komodo National Park, a popular tourist destination that offers consummate underwater exploration comprising of more than 1,000 fish species, about 300 types of coral and different kinds of whales, turtles, and dolphins that are on the verge of extinction.



 The panorama in these islands, reefs, and atolls is unrivaled. However, the watery wonderland is increasingly getting endangered by rapid climate change. The effects of coral bleaching, for instance, can be seen in most of the coral reefs around the world. Coral is rapidly disappearing, and according to some renowned scientists, it could completely disappear by the year 2050. For these reasons, you should seriously start making plans for that snorkeling adventure that you have been fantasizing about since you were a kid.

Tim Fox

Tim Fox is a co-founder and writer at the Elite. A blog where he and his friends share the latest information about outdoor sports and life.

Tim Fox

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