Australia - The Ultimate Travel Destination

by Sienna Penfold

Australia is one of the most fascinating places in the world. A lone continent so far away from the rest of the world offers an immense range of diversity. You can explore the cultural life of Australia’s vibrant cities, enjoy some of the many long sandy beaches, take a walk through the hinterland, or even ski in some of its winter resorts.


Millions of tourists visit this country every year and the numbers are constantly increasing. If you want to pay a visit to this beautiful continent, don’t wait for too long. There is a great adventure ahead of you, so make sure to grab it with your both hands. Here are some of the main landmarks of Australia you should visit.





This beautiful port city attracts more tourists than any other city in Australia. You should spend at least a week in Sydney in order to explore some of the most popular sites. Surely, you have to visit the main attractions, like the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


But besides that make sure to visit the places like the Royal Botanic Garden, the Sydney Tower Eye, Taronga Zoo, Art Gallery of South New Wales, and Hyde Park. Spend at least one afternoon at a beautiful Bondi beach, and after you soak up the sun and enjoy swimming in the ocean, explore some of the many great pubs and restaurants in the city center.  


Beautiful Nature

Australia is a huge and sparsely inhabited continent with impressive landscapes and rich flora and fauna. There is something for everyone, so you can choose if you want to explore the ancient rainforests of the north, dry country of the west, mild climate of the south-east or the cool mountains of Tasmania.


Whatever you decide, you will most probably bump into some of the many endemic species that you have only seen on tv. Prepare to encounter kangaroos, koalas, dingos, quokkas, Tasmanian devils, and wombats.


Wine Regions



Wine holds a special place in the life of Australians. This is the reason why Australia is one of the most important wine producers in the world. There are 65 wine regions all across the continent, placed on the different type of soil and in the different climate regions. But all of them share one thing: they all produce great wine.


If you are spending your time in Melbourne, make sure to pay a visit to the Yarra Valley. Book a few nights at the charming Olivigna Winery to get a great Mediterranean experience in the middle of Victoria. You can enjoy a superb Italian cuisine and take a sip of some of the finest Italian wines in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by 20 acres of vineyards and olive groves.


Backpacking Opportunities



Backpacking is the best way to meet this beautiful country. Thousands of backpackers are roaming through the continent right now, learning about this country and making a lot of friends. Don’t stand aside. Grab a beer and share your experience with them. You can even suggest them to join you so you can explore the continent together.


This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the local people. Australians are happy to meet the tourists and they will surely welcome you with the warm feelings. They will be happy to introduce you to their heritage and supply you with the souvenirs so you can carry the beautiful experience with you back home.


Australia is one of the destinations that doesn’t leave you indifferent. Its fascinating landscapes, beautiful people, and cultural heritage will surely make an impact on you. So, don’t be surprised if you feel the need to come back over and over again.

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