Best Coffee Destinations for Coffee Addicts

by David John

Coffee fiends like you and me are not simply after a decent cup of coffee, but the best. In this journey to the ‘best’, scroll through the list of 9 ideal destinations to book your next flight to. Each country is unique, and so is their coffee!


 1. Rome, Italy


The coffee plant doesn’t grow in Italy, but the flavors do. Cappuccino, macchiato, latte and espresso are some of the best flavors stemmed from this country, and the entire world embraced them literally overnight.


So why not start your journey from this very place? Walk in to the centuries-old Antico Caffe Greco, and enjoy not only the coffee art, but also the famous paintings treasured in Italy alone. Caffè Sant'Eustachio is another must-try spot, especially if you prefer organic, fair-trade coffee.


 2. Vienna, Austria

The Viennese coffee house culture is a destination every coffee junky must set foot on. The distinctive settings, coupled with undeniable coffee flavors and offerings overwhelm visitors. For these very reasons alone, it was recognized by UNESCO as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage.’


You shouldn’t miss ordering Wiener Melange; an espresso shot served in a large coffee cup topped with steamed milk and milk foam. Café Sperl and the traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus de Chatillon are two of the spots that’ll serve you the best.


 3. Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle is known as the world center for coffee roasting and coffee supply chain management. No American city consumes more coffee than the people in Seattle. Home to some of the highly reputed coffee roasters such as Starbucks, Tully's Coffee and Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting Company, Seattle leads the way to American coffee.


Take a stroll through the Pike Place Market and enjoy some of the earliest flavors of Starbucks coffee. Or simply head into cafes such Monorail Espresso and Moore Coffee, to enjoy not only some of the best coffee, but also the latest coffee art.


 4. Melbourne, Australia



If you want to taste the latest flavors in coffee, then book your next flight to Melbourne. Coffee in Melbourne is in fact widely known to be revolutionary, as they come up with newest techniques and recipes on a regular basis. They proudly say, “What we do, the rest of the world often follows.”


On your tour, you shouldn’t miss wiener mélange; a fresh ground coffee with steamed milk or milk foam dearly enjoyed by the locals. Nor should you miss a “flat white” a double espresso with frothed hot milk. The list goes endless, especially if you hop into Pellegrini’s, Proud Mary, or lose your way in Degraves Street.


 5. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

If you’re a student of history, then you should definitely be mapping out the early coffee routes to Ethiopia. To this day, they produce and ship one of the best Arabica coffees worldwide. Make sure you get a taste of Buna as well; a local espresso-style coffee sweetened with two spoons of sugar. If milk is added, they call it buna watat.


The traditional coffee ceremony is another event you shouldn’t miss once you step foot on this land. Nevertheless, they use the freshest available beans to brew. So be warned that their taste may spoil your old coffee habits for life!


6. Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey gives an entirely different twist to the typical American coffee, by brewing it rich, dark and strong. A special vessel called a cezve is used to boil and brew Turkish coffee using very finely ground roasted beans. The resulting coffee is flavored, sometimes even with a welcoming touch of cocoa.


Once in the city, make your way to the Galata Konak Café which offers a traditional setting and a magical view of the city of Istanbul. Turkish coffee, after all, is meant to be enjoyed one sip at a time – giving you ample time to drown in the beautiful settings.


 7. Paris, France

If not for France, the French Press coffee maker would never have been invented. And without the addictive flavors of French press coffee, we would have been in a sorry state. So enjoy the Parisian coffee culture in the heart of the country by sitting down to sip a delicious cup of café au laits.


La Caféothèque is one of the best places to get started. These cafes will tug at your heartstrings through the tempting aroma of petits noirs (espresso shots), welcoming atmosphere and comfy settings.


 8. Havana, Cuba


Every coffee snob needs to taste Café Cubano at least once in a lifetime- in the very own place it was originated. Cubans don’t do breakfast without this espresso shot sweetened with demerara sugar. In fact, they take pride in holding roots to one of the oldest and distinctive coffee cultures in the world.


Organic coffee plantation on their own ground is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Cuban coffee. But there’s more, and one taste from a cup of joe will show you how. Cafe Arcangel and Café El Escorial are two of the most popular cafes to enjoy a delicious cup in Havana.


 9. San Paulo, Brazil

Brazil, single-handedly, has managed to supply 1/3rd of world’s coffee, holding the position of the largest coffee producer in the world. You’ll hardly find a native who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of joe, and for this reason alone, there’s a café in every corner.


Specialization has given birth to skilled baristas, and the skills have been passed from generation to generation in such way that even stay-at-home moms are baristas! Never miss the traditional strong, piping hot cafezhino, or the café com leite. Try them out in Café Floresta and the Coffee Lab; two of the best spots available in San Paulo.

David John

David John

David is a passionate coffee drinker and travel addict who loves to explore coffee shops across the world. He is a self-made barista and knows coffee like the back of his hand.

David John

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