Say bye to cubicles and work from these beautiful destinations instead!

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Beeping machines, blinking screens, whirring fans, ringing phones, shouting bosses and constantly chattering co-workers: seems like an everyday story, doesn’t it? Though we all have come to terms with this monotony of life, there is no point in denying the fact that we would jump at the chance of ditching our cubicles and heading to a serene place to carry on with our work. So, just to make you a little more jealous, here’s a list of the world’s most beautiful & popular destinations with are a perfect choice for your next workplace!


Damascus, Virginia


 Pic: Eli Christman

A tiny town in the Blue Ridge mountains, Damascus in the state of Virginia provides the perfect relaxed setting for those who need quietude in order to focus on their work. With a strong internet network, good connectivity from the big cities in Virginia and a pleasant weather, Damascus is a charming place to work from.


Pondicherry, India


 Pic: Dey.sandip

The quaint little French colonial settlement of Pondicherry is located close to Chennai, a major industrial hub in South India. The tree-lined cobblestone streets, the regal villas and the colorful boutiques make this town one of the prettiest places to work from! Good transportation facilities, accommodations well-equipped with WiFi options and a healthy work culture ensure that those who plan to work in this picturesque Indian town can do so without any hassles.


Koh Phangan, Thailand



A search on vacation websites for secluded places to work in is sure to feature Koh Phangan in Thailand on the list. An island full of white sand beaches and fishing villages, this sleepy little place is for those who are looking for laid-back work environments. Though cut off from the main towns and cities by water, a good telephone and internet connectivity ensures that your work is not hampered in any way.


Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala



Nestled in the highlands of western Guatemala, Lago de Atitlan is nothing short of a paradise. Full of coffee plantations, yoga retreats, beautiful shores and fascinating Mayan villages, Lago de Atitlan is perfect for people like writers, artists and photographers whose work revolves around creativity and nature. Plan your vacation here and you will fall in love with this place! It is sure to compel you to spend some more time than what you intended to! The internet is strong in the major hubs but can be poor in the remote corners. Nonetheless, almost all major accommodation options provide a strong WiFi service.


Taghazout, Morocco



With shepherds riding on camels and market places full of snake charmers, Taghazout seems like a place straight out of Arabian Nights. A short distance away from Western Europe, this surreal place is well-connected to the western as well as the eastern world. Boasting of a solid internet connectivity and inexpensive accommodation options, Taghazout, Morocco is one ideal place to work from!


What are you waiting for? Type your resignation already! :P


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