Seven Water Sport Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know When in Bali

by Tom

Watersport has been all the rage for many years now and people seem to be looking for new places every day to quench their thirst for watersport adventures. They are very popular especially with people today not only because of the adrenaline rush they provide which in sports practice helps strength, endurance, and speed but also because of their numerous other health benefits. Water sports provide you with the complete physical exercise of the body while also managing to be fun for those people who enjoy the water.


Bali is one of the most famous places for watersport amongst watersport enthusiasts and rightly so. It is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs that make it ideal for people who are interested in water based sports. Here are seven water sports tips every traveler should know whenever they’re in Bali.


1) Surfing:


Surfing is one of the most famous watersport activities there is. There are numerous physical and mental benefits of surfboarding because not only does it have a positive impact on your fitness levels but also helps you maintain a healthy mental state and a positive attitude towards life. The Kuta beach in Bali is famous for its surfing activities and tourists usually make their first stop in this area. Surfing in Bali tops the charts for best water sport activity to enjoy in Bali and you can find the perfect places for this in Bali not only at the Kuta beach but also in Canggu, Uluwati and Bukit.


2) Jet Skiing:


This is one of the most famous water sports among tourists in Bali because of its thrilling experience. You get to enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean while swaying over it. You can find many resorts that offer this as their prime activity in fact resorts like Sai Bali tours and Bali Jet Set Dive are country wide famous for jet skiing. It is a place you must visit if you happen to find yourself in Bali.


3) Kitesurfing:


This might not be a conventional watersport or even a famous one at that but it can certainly get you the thrill you’re looking for. Kitesurfing is a combination of wake boarding and kite flying and Bali features some excellent places and resorts that offer this as their main attraction with the famous one being primarily in Uluwati. You would want to wear a life jacket if you’re a first timer and have a lifeguard nearby as it is nowhere near an easy sport to do.


4)  Scuba Diving:


Deep below Bali’s waves lies some of the world’s best dive sites. Many resorts in Bali offer this sport in their packages since this is one of the most exciting water sports out there. You get to enjoy the terrific view of the aquatic life and enjoy watching fish only native to the Bali oceans. Not only that but you also get to experience varying terrains like drop off walls and unique shipwrecks.


5) Snorkeling:

Bali features some of the world’s most majestic underwater wonders and perhaps the best way to enjoy these is snorkeling. You don’t need to dive in too deep or carry a heavy full oxygen tank to enjoy the deep waters since the wonders are not too deep from the surface. You can also snorkel in Bali with minimum experience since first of all, it is not a difficult sport to do and secondly, resorts in Bali offer some of the best instructors and complimentary classes in the region.


6) Rafting:


Bali has a lot of still water lakes that make them ideal for rafting. You get to not only experience the thrill of rafting but also get to enjoy the blue waters, and the flora and fauna that surround them. Places like Ayung and Telaga Waja river are famous for these activities and often hold competitions too which attract professional rafters from all over the world.


7) Sea Walking:

If you’re not big on scuba diving but still want to enjoy the wonders of the under water, then this activity is for you. It requires you to wear an oxygen mask, and you go deep enough on a particular point in the ocean to be able to walk and enjoy the aquatic life. However it is worth mentioning that scuba diving and sea walking are completely different experiences and if you can, you should definitely try to do both.


You can even try camping with your family. Here is a link that is going to help you with planning the best trip of your life. I hope it helps. Have a great day!


Tom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures and that too with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at


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