The Top 4 Places for Stargazing

by Juliet Woodward

Stargazing is one of the most soothing experiences I have ever had and it feels no less than meditation. Looking at the endless skies with billions of stars at once helps one connect to the nature and contemplate in his solitude. The unfortunate part is that the heavy pollution in the cities today does not allow us to enjoy stargazing the same way.


The good news is there are still some wonderful destinations with the most ideal stargazing conditions and an unforgettable view as well. Want to know where these places are and how you can make it to there? Fret not! From planetariums to observatories with greatest telescopes, we have got it all covered for you.


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Mauna Kea – Hawaii



Mauna Kea is about 14000 feet above the sea level near the most beautiful island of Hawaii. The stargazing conditions are ideal there because of the high altitude and dry air. Plus, there you will find the observatory with the largest telescope. You can now imagine how spectacular of a view you will get at such a height with the greatest telescope. It is truly a dream destination for all sky and astronomy lovers.


Atacama Desert – Chile



The beautiful desert in Chile does not only offer the darkest and clearest skies all year round, but also the most wonderful view of the desert. It also has one of the best telescopes through which you can look into the Milky Way. If you want to be completely isolated or need your personal space while stargazing, they have these timber cabins with glass roof as well.


Royal Observatory, Greenwich – London


The royal observatory is a perfect spot for all those who are into history and astronomy both. It does not only have a planetarium and a museum but it is also built on the same ground which was a home to the royal families in the past.


Hayden Planetarium – New York



One cannot find clear skies and perfect stargazing conditions in New York which is apparently no secret. Therefore, if you are into stargazing, the only planetarium there can save your life. They also offer space shows along with stargazing opportunities. All you need to do is get a ticket for $20 to enter the place and then you can freely head to the museum inside as well.

Juliet Woodward

Juliet Woodward

Juliet is a part of a Student Astronomical Society. She is an avid reader and science lover. She is an astronomy geek with a keen interest in new technology and gadgets for looking into space.

Juliet Woodward

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