Top 10 things to do in Greece

by Vanessa Adler

Planning your trip to Greece? Great! It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and spend quality time with your family or friends. From inhabited islands, historic sites, Greece luxury resorts, beautiful beaches to towering mountain ranges, there is a wide list of tourist attractions that you can explore in Greece.


Before you start packing, look at this list of top 10 things to do in Greece and get inspired!




The most spectacular place to see in Greece is Lindos in Rhodes. There are many cobbled streets and whitewashed houses which is typical for this location. The place has many beautiful spots with amazing views of the surrounding harbor and coastline that will make you fall in love with the place. There are also many nice beaches which should not escape your attention.


Myrtos Beach


If you want to enjoy the beaches in Greece, you must visit Myrtos Beach. The beauty of the beach with blue and turquoise color of the sea will make you mesmerized. The steep mountains and tall cliffs behind the beach adds a real charm to the place.


Monastiraki and Kolonaki, Athens


For shopaholics, this is the best place to be at. Both market places of Monastiraki and Kolonaki are a home to designer stores and boutiques as well as charming cafes and restaurants were people love spending their time. If you can afford it, there also many luxury family resorts in here.




Imagine you are at the top of several rock pillars! Sounds amazing, right? Meteora is a complex of monasteries which were founded in the 14th century. The access to the place is through staircases and pathways cut into the rock formations. The climb is an amazing experience itself!


Climbing Mount Olympus


For hikers, climbing Mount Olympus is a must. Mount Olympus is home of the Greek gods and this fact alone is exciting for all hikers.




Another popular tourist attraction place in Greece is Mykonos. The place is comprised of tiny streets, whitewashed steps lanes and sandy beaches which are the perfect place for relaxation. In addition, the place is well known for vast number of bars and nightclubs.




The visit to Greece is not complete without visiting the temple at Parthenon. The Parthenon was destroyed by the Persians and later constructed again. The place has been used as a temple, fortress, a church, and a mosque.


Mount Athos


If you are a mountain lover, you must visit Mount Athos. The place is built at a great height of mountains and the views are just beautiful. Only men are allowed to enter though so don’t be surprised!


Lake Plastira


Lake Plastira is an artificial lake surrounded with scenic views. In the summer, tourists can enjoy biking around the lake, horse riding, kayaking and many other activities. Lake Plastira is also very beautiful in the winter when the lake is covered in snow.




Lastly, you must visit the Santorini, a volcanic island which is surrounded with dramatic views, stunning sunsets, and the whitewashed houses. The place has many shops, tavernas, hotels and luxury family resorts in Greece that you will surely love to visit.


These, nevertheless, are just few places to visit in Greece, but there are many more places which are worth visiting. Make sure you have enough time for visiting Greece as there is a lot to see!

Vanessa Adler

Vanessa Adler

Vanessa Adler is a passionate writer, traveller and adventure loving person. She has dedicated her life to those who want to read something new every day. She has been writing about travelling, beautiful destinations and adventures for 5 years.Nowadays she is writing articles on Greece travel and Greece resorts.

Vanessa Adler

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