What to do in Canada during winter

by William Jones

Winter is here, but it does not mean you have to stay indoors when there are many activities to do while in Canada. Winter is a particular season, and Canadians embrace it by exploring great winter destinations. Grab your backpack (here’s a list of some great professional backpacks) get your gloves, cozy scarfs and parka and let’s discover the best of Canada this winter. Here is a list of the best places, activities, and food.


Spend Christmas in Montreal


What creates real winter feeling in this beautiful City in North America is the amount of snow that covers it during winter. In December a lot of concerts and events happen like the local stars Cirque du Soleil, making it unforgettable to the people who watch. In Montreal, Saturdays are for Christmas Fireworks that entertains guests and citizens and also for intimate dining and shopping.


Visit the Stunning Booming Ice Chasm

The ice Charm is a stunning ice cave which has an incredible acoustics, and it traps cold air inside it which result into thick clear, smooth ice. Its situated on the British Columbia border in the Alberta a 90 minutes’ drive from Calgary. The ice cave makes booming echoes due to the rocks that tumble down and crash into its floor about 140 meters below. Booming Ice Chasm entrance is a gaping hole in a mountain with a natural icy slope which allows things dropped to shoot down the slides to the bottom of the cave at a fatal speed making booming echoes.


Visit unique Frozen Bubbles on Abraham Lake



Sophistication meets outdoor in Abraham Lake. Abraham is an artificial lake in the western Albert, Canada. The lake is located two and half hours north of Banff in the Canadian Rockies and has a length of 32km (20 mi) and a surface area of 53.7 km (20.7 sq. mi). The lake is a spectacular site in winter, and its surroundings are beautiful for nature hikes.


Visit The Frozen Niagara Falls

Frozen Niagara is the world’s most famous waterfall that marks the borders of USA and Canada.  Niagara Falls is a fantastic sight with icy spectacle, a crystalline cascade, and a river that runs underneath it even during winter which attracts a flow of tourists.   Niagara River is a source of hydropower with a long ice boom made of steel to catch any icebergs and ice cutters that work around the clock which prevent the Falls against jamming up.


Visit Banff National Park


Banff is the Canada’s oldest national park and was established in 1885.  It’s located in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Province. The mountains feature numerous glaciers, alpine landscapes coniferous forest, and ice fields.

There are several activities you enjoy doing in the park during winters like dog sled tours, snowmobiling, ice walk, sleigh rides and helicopter tours so take your all mountain snowboard and snowboard helmet with you.


What to eat?

While still enjoying the different activities in winter you also need to eat to sustain your energy in the cold. One dietitian, Kelly Anne Erdman of the Winter Olympic athletes in Canada Sports Centre, advises that you should take food that is high in proteins and fat about two hours before starting your activities in winter.

You can make Oatmeal’s, walnuts, Chocolate Protein shake, and herbal tea before exercising, and after the events, you can enjoy Chili, homemade Chocolate, Turkey Sandwich, Corn Chowder and Sweet potatoes.



Canada is a beautiful country, and you possibly can’t explore all the place during winter.  But here is a few more sites in addition to the ones we have already gone through just in case you have enough time to visit; Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park. With all the above places in mind, you are sure to enjoy your winter in Canada.

William Jones

William is a travel enthusiast from Austin. After spending too much time playing video games, at the age of 19 he experienced the marvel of traveling, which has changed his life. His internet home is at InteractiveTravel.org.

William Jones

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