How to make a checklist while planning a long trip

by Sarah Bennett

Your preparation for a long trip can be divided into four main stages; things that you need to do a few days before you leave, things that you need to do the day before you are leaving, things that you need to do in the morning that you leave, and the extra things that you need to do.


Things to do a few days before you are leaving



A few days before you leave it would be better if you wrote down your packing list. This should include each and everything that you might want to get with you.


This includes items such as clothes, personal care goods, and your various gadgets and accessories to name a few. In case you are looking for ideas, regarding this, it would always be better if you did some research online. It is very important to get your laundry done before you leave for the trip. This would at least make sure that you have all the clothes that you need for your upcoming tour. It is never a good idea to do it a day before you are leaving.


It could jolly well eat into your sleeping time as well. If you have perishable foods and produce in your home try and finish them before you start the trip. It would also be better if you could buy less of these products in case you shopped before leaving for the trip. It would also be great if you took your suitcase out and then just dumped things on it so that at least you can remember what you want to take on your trip. In case you wish to meet up with people on your trip do arrange and meet her or him before you leave.


Also, do keep their contact information handy with you at all times. You can write them down as well for extra protection.


If you are a working professional do wrap up all your work before you leave. If you can do say no to any new work in this period – this is, in fact, applicable to any and every obligation that may crop up at this time. In case you are traveling outside your country, it would be better if you inform your bank and credit card company about the country or countries that you are traveling to. Thankfully, in most cases, you would be able to do this online.


Things to do on the day before you are leaving



On this day, you should make all the necessary arrangements for you to be taken to the airport from your home. If possible, try and book the return journey as well. When you reserve the cab do ask for the name of the driver and ask when she or he will come to pick you up. No matter where you are staying – be it a hotel or an Airbnb facility – do call it and make sure that the reservation has been made in your name.


Ask them about the best way in which you can get there from the airport. Do note this information down somewhere. In fact, a small notebook could be the best place for recording such information. You may also use one of those apps that can be found on smartphones and are used for managing itineraries. An example of such an app would be Tripit. In case you already have perishable food at home it is better to finish as much as you can and then give away the rest to others who may make better use of it.


If nothing else works just throw it out. In case you have items such as fruits, cheese, or vegetables at home you can cut them into small pieces and take them with you for snacking while you are on the flight. Pull out all the things that you may have already packed and spread them on your bed so that you can take a look at them all.


It is always a good idea to pack as light as possible. Throw out things that you may not need.


Things to do in the morning when you are leaving



In case you need to pack anything at the last minute, by all means, do pack them. Normally a list of such items includes eyeglasses, water and snacks from your refrigerator, and retainers.


Do turn off all the power at home and also unplug any and every electrical or electronic device that you are using at home. This will protect them in case there are any issues such as a power surge and at the same time, you would not use any extra energy as well. In case you live in a temperate location do turn off the air conditioner cum heater.


The extra things that you need to do


You can always ask a friend or a neighbor, with whom you are on great terms, to keep watch on your home when you are not there. You can always provide them the necessary contact details so that they are able to contact you or your landlord if such a need arises.


If you trust them well you can also provide them a spare set of keys so that they can enter your house in case there is an emergency. You should also give a call to your bank as well as your credit card providers, and let them know that you would be out of town for the next few days. It is also better to make sure that your mail is on hold. However, if you have someone who is going to come on a regular basis to check on your house then you might as well keep it going.


Wrapping up…


It would also be better if you did some study on the exchange rate of the country you are visiting with regards to your currency. It is also better to write down somewhere the amount of money you would want to withdraw from an ATM (automated teller machine) when you get there.   

Sarah Bennett

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Sarah Bennett

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