How to save on hotel rooms when you travel

by Elena Tahora

Accommodation tends to be the second biggest line item when someone is travelling. If you are driving to a nearby destination, the accommodation will be the biggest line item. However, there are many ways that you can save on hotel accommodation if you know what you are doing. In this article, we’re going to give you a few ways you can save on accommodation next time you travel.


Travel in the Off Season


If you can, consider travelling in off season. You could also hit the slopes in January and February instead of competing with everyone trying to get a ski holiday over Christmas break. For those travelling during the busy season, you can still save money by travelling midweek. You’ll pay less per night if you arrive on Tuesday and leave before everyone else starts arriving on Friday. The only exception to this rule is if you’re staying somewhere that caters to business travellers, at which point, do stay over the weekend.


Consider the Related Costs


Many people look only at the cost of the hotel per night and not the value of the package that comes with a luxury accommodation. Paying somewhat more per night in exchange for being able to walk to the tourist attractions or get a ride directly to the beach for your surf and kayaking holiday is a fair trade in some cases.


Add in free breakfast for the family instead of eating out several times a day, and you may save money by paying a little extra for the upgraded accommodations. Price each line item separately and total them up so that you can tell if an entertainment and meal package by a hotel chain tacking those costs onto the price of a room is a deal relative to an all-inclusive luxury accommodation.


Shop Around, and Don’t Just Shop at Hotels

Shopping around is the first step, instead of booking the first well-rated hotel. And then you need to look into other types of accommodations. Yes, we’re talking about ways to save on hotel rooms, but this doesn’t mean you have to stay in a hotel when travelling. You should check out the cost of renting a holiday home owned by someone else. Renting someone else’s condo may let you stay in a resort community at a low price, though you have to be careful of timeshare companies using the opportunity to sell you on buying a timeshare yourself. You could look for accommodations at a bed and breakfast or home swap.


If you’re travelling with a large group, you could also consider going for something bigger, like a villa for instance. While they may seem intimidating at first, a villa, when all costs are split will often cost you just as much or less than a mid to high range hotel. Only difference is that you’ll have much more comfort and liberated, not to mention the savings you’ll make by being able to cook your own meals for instance.


Check for Coupon Codes and Discounts


Before you book online, check for every coupon code and discount you can imagine.  Retailmenot usually have great coupon codes available. Research your credit card rewards program and airfare loyalty program for discounts they may be able to get you on a hotel. Ask if you can get a senior discount if there is a senior citizen in your party. Check social media for discounts offered by the hotel chain or a specific resort.


You may even receive a coupon in exchange for signing up for their newsletter. Also look for potential discounts if you bundle your holiday, such as buying airfare and renting a hotel room at the same time. However, you should check the prices for each of these items separately so you don’t get ripped off by what seems like a good deal.



There are many ways that you can save on hotel accommodation on your next holiday. Travelling during the off season or travelling during the middle of the week could save you tons of money on your next trip. Considering a villa if you’re travelling with a large group could also be a viable option. Whatever you do, make sure that you do everything in your power to reduce your costs by using all the options at your disposal.

Elena Tahora

Elena has extensive experience travelling and diving all around the world. She currently resides in Malta and writes for

Elena Tahora

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