Travel Guide To Singapore

by Akshay Koranne

Singapore is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia that offers a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. With a diverse and friendly population residing in Singapore, you will never feel out of place here. Come and explore the beautiful city-state of Singapore that is awaiting and welcoming guests and tourists all around the year.



History of Singapore

Singapore is strategically located for a three-way trade among China, India, and the Malay population. The British Empire was the first to notice the abundance of the resources and the growing influence of Singapore beyond the Malay Peninsula. During World War II, the Japanese conquered Singapore from the British and several national and anti-colonial sentiments post the defeat gave rise to a free Singapore. Singapore soon gained importance as a global trading port in the 1970s and the importance has further grown in the recent years, mainly due to the diverse population of people and pro-industrial policies set by the government.


How to reach Singapore



By Air

The Changi Airport is one of the prime international aviation hubs in Southeast Asia connected to major cities across the globe. With world-class amenities and being termed as the world’s best airport repeatedly, you are in for a real treat in this tropical paradise.


By Train

Singapore is well connected via train to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and much more. Traveling via trains is convenient and easy. There is an array of trains departing and arriving at Tanjong Pagar MRT station in Singapore.


By Road

With the borders of Malaysia and Thailand in the neighborhood, driving down to Singapore looks a real possibility. There are also regular private bus services from as early as 5 am in the morning.


By Water

Being a strategic location for international trade in Southeast Asia, Singapore offers frequent ferry services to Tanjung Belungkor in Malaysia and Riau Islands in Indonesia. There are several start luxury cruises that promise a lifetime memorable experience and a wonderful way to explore the beautiful city landscape.


Best time to visit Singapore


Singapore comes with a hot and humid weather all over the world. It rains every alternate day all through the year. January is the coolest month and November receives extreme rainfall. April continues to be the hottest month of the year. The monsoon season comes in two seasons, Northeast Monsoon Season (December to March) and the Southwest Monsoon Season (June to September).


Places to visit in Singapore



Singapore uncovers hidden and secret jewels across all tastes mainly due to its diverse population. Be in the happening Marina Bay, the adventurous Universal Studios, the charismatic Singapore Flyer or the ancient Raffles Hotel. There is so much to cover in Singapore that will leave you in awe and make you fall in love with the wonderful culture of Singapore. If you dive deep into green Singapore, visit the Botanical Gardens that also feature the Orchid Gardens. Gardens by the Bay are another popular option to explore the lush green atmosphere.


No matter how many times you have been to Singapore, you will not be able to get enough of the three ethnic quarters of Singapore; Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. Visit the antique shop houses, feast on yummy street food, and soak in the vibrancy of the place. Singapore also has plenty of national parks and bird watching counters for tourists and visitors. There are several safaris organized for tourists that would surely be part of a memorable journey in Singapore. Apart from that, you can explore the amazing nightlife of Singapore in Marina Bay or Clarke Quay. Other popular spots to explore are Merlion Statue, Sentosa Island, and Asian Civilizations Museum.


Things to do in Singapore



Singapore offers plenty of diverse activities for tourists and visitors to explore. Be in shopping, adventure, or simply gazing at the marvelous architecture, Singapore offers plenty of activities that would keep you busy and engaged. Start off your day exploring the various shopping scenes of Singapore starting from Orchard Road, no matter what your budget is, Orchard Road can fulfill all your shopping desires. Once you are done with shopping, enter the three ethnic quarters of Singapore, and enjoy a fabulous meal. The incredible variety of all the three ethnic quarters will surely take you by surprise. The ethnic quarters also has plenty of souvenir shops where you can purchase something for your loved ones back home.


If you wish to spend your entire day in pure fun and entertainment, head straight to Sentosa Island, a place built exclusively for leisure and entertainment. No matter what your age is, Sentosa houses everything to match your taste. Hop onto the bumboat and enjoy the wonderful Singapore River Cruise. The bumboats were used only for the trade before being stopped for a while, they were brought back to boost tourism and allow visitors and tourists browse through major landmarks of Singapore all in one go.


The nightlife at the Marina Bay or the Clarke Quay has to be experienced. Your trip to Singapore would be termed incomplete without visiting them post sunset. The vibrant and dazzling nightlife is something that you should never miss out on. There are an array of nightclubs, lounges, and bars coupled with infinity pools that not only offer unparalleled ambiance and beautiful landscape but also amazing cuisines to try out on.


No matter how old it is, the Raffles Hotel still carries the elegance, charm, and luxury as it was offered to its guests in the 1970s. One of the prominent landmarks of Singapore still standing strong. This antique place gives you a sneak peek into the rich cultural history of Singapore.


The Singapore Night Safari is one of the most memorable journeys you can ever undertake. Browsing through the forest with the animals in their natural landscape is something that is hard to witness. It’s wonderful and once in a lifetime experience.

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