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TripGiraffe is the best site to find travel friend to go on a trip of your life

Finding the right travel friend can be a daunting and challenging task but setting on a journey with a new person holds rewards in making lasting memories, friends and possibly even partners for life. Create a trip, invite people you like and start connecting with travelers from all around the world. Be sure to contact more people as you increase your chances of finding a travel companion faster.

Forget about solo traveling and find a travel friend who will accompany you on your journey. TripGiraffe has been created to help you connect with people passionate about traveling.

Find travel friends from all around the world

Travel companions and their plans

Trip to de flag icon Turkey

A week trip to Cappadocia. Including hot air balloons,…

Looking for: Female

Type of journey: Other

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $500 - $1000

Trip to de flag icon Greece

See some of Greece's nicest historical places (ancient…

Looking for: Any

Type of journey: Backpacking

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $500 - $1000

Browse thousands of trips and join the one that is that best fit.

At TipGiraffe, travelers create detailed trips specifying what they want to do, where they want to go and who they are looking for. Just pick your preferences, ask to join the trips you like the most, and get going right away. We take pride in being a friendly platform with real people. We have zero-spam tolerance and delete everyone who behaves inappropriately or spams.

Remember that no tour is too short and no destination is too boring. Traveling is a journey itself. Especially, if you have the right travel mate to share the experience with. Enjoy every bit of it!

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People from more than 100 countries want to travel to various places. Connect with other travelers and start your journey together. No matter whether your holiday is approaching or not, you can always create a trip and see how many travelers are interested in going to the same destination. Once somebody wants to join your trip, you will be notified so don’t worry about missing an opportunity.

 If you want to find a travel friend fast, invite travelers to your trip which TripGiraffe suggests to you. Travelers we suggest are people who have expressed interest in your destination so the chances of somebody wanting to join your trip are high!