I'm searching for a trip mate to Cambodia
(16. 8. - 25. 8. 18)

Cambodia 16 to 25 August

16. 8. - 25. 8. 2018 (10 day trip)

KH flag Cambodia

Traveling solo to Cambodia for 10 days. Phnom Penh/Siem Reap/Sihanoukville & Koh Rong Samloem. Friend was supposed to come but can't make it. I already have bookings done for hotels and resorts. Need company. Mostly your spending will be cost would be for the flight ticket.

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $150 - $500

Type of journey: City break, Beach

Looking for: Female

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Hotels, Other

Getting around: Boat, Car, Cruise, Plane

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Fixed


Places I want to see: Angro Wat in Siem Reap. Bioluminescent Plankton in Koh Rong.

Things I want to do: Explore. Photography. Relax

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