I'm searching for a trip partner to Costa Rica
(19. 4. - 26. 4. 18)

Spur of the moment Costa Rica trip anyone?

19. 4. - 26. 4. 2018 (8 day trip)

CR flag Costa Rica

I'm looking for an easy going travel companion. Male or female.

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $500 - $1000

Type of journey: Beach, Other

Looking for: Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Hotels, Homestay

Getting around: Bicycle, Bus, Car, Hiking

First visit: No

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: Puerto Viejo and/ or Bocas Del Tora, Panama

Things I want to do: White water rafting, night time hikes , zip lining, find waterfalls, animal sanctuary. Im pretty open to all ideas. I don't want a strict itenary. Ideally someone who can go with the flow would be great.

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Mis.costa Rica ?Hi.. I am Gordon from Germany and i am on my Little worldtrip.i am completly new here and i Dont know what can expacting here..?So had Time this Week you going cr,i Would request your to Joining..but still i am in Japan now and Heading eastwarts to Exotic Island of Palau and guam!i know its hard to find someone,at Same Time with Same rythim and free of expactations...and Grabbing the Same Flow....so one Week is Not much and perhaps u couldnt find some "flowbuddy"..if that case and you Are Open to Meet a German,consider to Share a Dinner to say 'hello' in san Francisco or napa(Winetasting),or go hiking in Grand Canyon,or Look around in Vegas,or take Some pictures in any national Parks Are Open and Not unreachable By car or Bus,or Feeds..haha(have only 14 days in States)before leaving from New York or Washington,or Orlando,or Puerto Rico back to Germany....?Apologise my english By the way,learned that from bit travelling??...so i Dont know you and what u expact from Costa Rica and Fare abrudern...i can recomend,if u have just one week,Dont go bocas!!!!!bocas is f....Touristic and Not breathtalking destination...ve never been Costa Rica ,but Heard- should be Great ??✊?..stay and Remain there!!bocas its just worth if you ve Time and around,believe me...was 2014 there and....yaehhh...so Hey Where is locaded Nashville,Damed??Ok,Hope i havent disturb you and wish you a Great Trip,with heartly Moments and to realize in wich Liberty we live,to Decide to go whereever we want..Cheers from Gordon de aleman...??????

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