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Almost every great trip starts at a computer by gathering information about your destination, the local food, the sights, the people, and pretty much anything you can think of. Although the internet is an exhaustive collection of knowledge, it is difficult to find all the information you desire and in a coherent form. Gathering information about traveling is no exception.

TripGiraffe travel blog aims to help you find all the information you need easily, just as to provide you with useful travel tips and inspirational stories so you know it is possible. Find information you need in categories below and get your planning going!


Say bye to cubicles and work from these beautiful destinations instead!

Beeping machines, blinking screens, whirring fans, ringing phones, shouting bosses and constantly chattering co-workers: seems like an everyday story, doesn’t it? Though we all have come to terms with this monotony of life, there is no point in denying the fact that we would jump at the chance of ditching our cubicles and heading to a serene place to carry on with our work. So, just to make you a little more jealous, here’s a list of the world’s most beautiful & popular

20 DECEMBER 2017 by TripHobo

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Things to Keep in Mind When Finding Holiday Accommodation Deals Online

We all love holidays, especially those that are relaxing, offer great food but, more importantly, a comfortable sleep with excellent facilities to make our stay much more entertaining. However, there are many holiday deals out there that can only be described as a “living hell”. Therefore, it’s important we do all we can to ensure the accommodation we’re interested in is as delightful as they say it is. If you’re looking for accommodation for your next vacation,

29 NOVEMBER 2017 by Elena Tahora

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5 Ways to Save Up for Holiday Travel

If you are planning to travel this holiday season and want to save up some cash for some fun along the way, here are some ways to do so. Buy Tickets Early One of the number one expenses for holiday travel is the cost of the ticket. Whether you're planning on taking a plane, bus or a train, transportation during the holiday season is always expensive. Travel agencies know that demand for traveling increases during the holidays so they like to hike up prices. A smart tip on how to combat some of

26 NOVEMBER 2017 by Arliss Veldhuizen

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5 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Traveling

It is most likely that if you are visiting TripGiraffe, you have got a soft spot for traveling. Whether it is for leisure, hobby, or a special occasion, there is just something about being far away from home, discovering new cultures and sceneries. But if you are anything like me, you want to travel while treating Planet Earth with as much respect and care as possible. With more than a handful of different sources and many companies claiming that they have “gone green,” figuring out

23 NOVEMBER 2017 by Arliss Veldhuizen

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Travel Guide To Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia that offers a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. With a diverse and friendly population residing in Singapore, you will never feel out of place here. Come and explore the beautiful city-state of Singapore that is awaiting and welcoming guests and tourists all around the year.     History of Singapore Singapore is strategically located for a three-way trade among China, India, and the Malay population. The British Empire was

20 NOVEMBER 2017 by Akshay Koranne

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