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Almost every great trip starts at a computer by gathering information about your destination, the local food, the sights, the people, and pretty much anything you can think of. Although the internet is an exhaustive collection of knowledge, it is difficult to find all the information you desire and in a coherent form. Gathering information about traveling is no exception.

TripGiraffe travel blog aims to help you find all the information you need easily, just as to provide you with useful travel tips and inspirational stories so you know it is possible. Find information you need in categories below and get your planning going!


4 Reasons to Add Marsa Al Seef to Your Travel Bucket List Next Year

Thanks to projects such as the 163-floor Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai is perceived as a world of architectural wonders and numerous feats of engineering.   Mention the name and the image of an ultramodern, human-made metropolis in which everyone glides between underground parking garages, air-conditioned malls and glittering high-rise towers, and this bustling emirate springs to mind.     But in recent years, as global design trends

23 MARCH 2018 by Habib Khan

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6 Things You Should Know Before Backpacking in Australia

If your best buddy ever approached you with an opening such as: "There is something you should know", there was probably a tingle of horror down your spine – but, fear not, because at least this once in your life, you’re about to feel relieved and elated to cover the best tips and tricks of the trade for exploring the wonderful Land of Down Under.   It’s a life-changing experience, but one that can be much more comfortable, financially manageable, and richer with a few

04 MARCH 2018 by David Webb

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Seven Water Sport Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know When in Bali

Watersport has been all the rage for many years now and people seem to be looking for new places every day to quench their thirst for watersport adventures. They are very popular especially with people today not only because of the adrenaline rush they provide which in sports practice helps strength, endurance, and speed but also because of their numerous other health benefits. Water sports provide you with the complete physical exercise of the body while also managing to be fun for those people

04 MARCH 2018 by Tom

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Best Coffee Destinations for Coffee Addicts

Coffee fiends like you and me are not simply after a decent cup of coffee, but the best. In this journey to the ‘best’, scroll through the list of 9 ideal destinations to book your next flight to. Each country is unique, and so is their coffee!    1. Rome, Italy   The coffee plant doesn’t grow in Italy, but the flavors do. Cappuccino, macchiato, latte and espresso are some of the best flavors stemmed from this country, and the entire world embraced them

19 FEBRUARY 2018 by David John

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How to make a checklist while planning a long trip

Your preparation for a long trip can be divided into four main stages; things that you need to do a few days before you leave, things that you need to do the day before you are leaving, things that you need to do in the morning that you leave, and the extra things that you need to do.   Things to do a few days before you are leaving     A few days before you leave it would be better if you wrote down your packing list. This should include each and everything that you might want to

19 FEBRUARY 2018 by Sarah Bennett

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