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Travel apps can make your life easier just as they can save you a lot of money. There are many useful travel applications for finding accommodation, getting around, organizing your trips or finding new friends. We have made a list of 10 apps which we think you should have installed on your phone before hitting the road.

All apps are free and available for Android and iOS if not noted otherwise.



Even though English can take you far in most of your adventures, it is always good to learn a few words in the language of your destination. Memrise with over 80 languages is the best application for learning vocabulary you should have on your phone. Learning new words with Memrise is easy as most of the course also come with pronunciation of each word. Try this app and surprise locals when ordering food in a restaurant!




Nike+ Training Club

Everyone who travels a lot knows that staying fit while away can be challenging. Application from Nike will help you keep in shape even when you have not the luxury of visiting a gym.  It offers over 15 different none equipment workouts of different intensity and duration and with accompanying videos for each exercise.





AirBnb is becoming more and more popular every year as its accommodation often offers better value than hotels and you get this “homey”’ feeling you could harly ever find in a hotel room. Morever you get in touch with the local people who can give you good tips you wouldn’t find on the internet. AirBnb application is easy to use and very well designed, recommended.




Flip Currency Converter


Some Currency Converter is a must-have application for any traveler and there are many to choose from. We found the Flip Currency Converter as the best for traveling as its interface makes it very easy to invert the currencies and to search currency choice from the list. It also comes with nice widgets which can speed up converting currencies when you need a quick reference. (Android only)




Google Translate

Laguage barrier is considered to be one of the top reasons why are some people afraid of traveling. Gerting lost in a foreign city without knowing the language can be daunting, but you won’t have to afraid with Google Translate installed on your phone. Google Translate has improved a lot over the past few years and it’s translations are now more accurate than ever. You can now also download languages and use the the application even when you have no connection.



Couchsurfing was popular mostly among budget travelers when the application launched as who wouldn’t want to sleep somewhere for free. Since then, it has created a community of travelers who don’t only use it as way to safe money but as way how to experience the local culture and get to know new people. Be sure to have Couchsurfing on your phone so you don’t miss out on the experiences it offers.





Citymapper is the ultimate transit app for subway, bus and train in more than 30 cities. You can easily check nearby departures in real-time just as you can find the fastest route combining bus, subway, train and newly also taxi. Travelers will also appreciate that it has offline maps and step-by-steps directions.




Google Trips

Planning a trip can be a very time-consuming activity but not with the new application from Google. Google Trips suggests to you day plans based on the time, place and weather. Besides day plans. it has  5 more features which will come in handy to every traveler: Reservations, Things to Do, Saved Places, Food & Drink and Getting Around. This application can do what four of current applications can do combined.




Everyone knows and uses Skyscanner for booking flight tickets, but do you know that there is a better alternative? You can often often find better deals on Kiwi as its search engine looks at all of the fligh possibilities even if that means that you will be put on two seperate flights and thus have to check in again during your layover. If you want to safe on your flights, it’s definitely an option you should consider.





Uber is a ridesharing app and it is a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi. You just tell the app where you are going and that’s it. The driver will know your location so all you have to do is wait. Moreover, you can see the driver’s pictures and you can also track his location on the map. The payment can be made by credit card and in cash in some select cities.


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