Explore The Best Camping In Canada

by TripGiraffe

Whether you are a RV owner or tent camper, there is truly something special about being in the great outdoors. Sure, there are tons of destinations and campsites all around the world to choose from, but if you are looking for true beauty backed with excitement, you have to consider a trip to Canada. Of course, with its diverse national parks and widespread landscapes, the country has hundreds of private and public campsites. You would never have time to take in all of them, but which ones are going to be the most memorable?



Liard River Hot Spring Provincial Park

Northern British Columbia alone is beautiful enough, but located along the Alaska Highway, you can find a little campground known as the Liard River Hot-Springs Provincial Park. It actually gets its name because it is home to the second largest natural hot springs in Canada and it really is the main attraction of the park. It is nestled back in the forest and offers water temperatures of 52 degrees Celsius. If you are lucky enough you might catch a sight of a moose coming to drink from its edge.

Legally Enter The Country




Just remember that when you are visiting Canada, you will be required to get a visa or an electronic visa. While the process is extremely quick and easy when done online, it is best to make sure that you apply early. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly and you start planning your trip with 100 percent certainty. You can apply online at eta-canada.com. If accepted, you will be granted six months of travel into the country up to a period of five years.

Berg Lake Campground




The Berg Lake Campground is only for tent campers, as you actually have to hike to the campground. Even if you are partial to your RV this is one hike and camping trip that you should consider making at least once. The campground is located right on a beautiful small turquoise lake that consists of mini icebergs, which have broken off and fallen into the larger icebergs located on the mountainside.

Fort Langley National Park

How would you like to know what it would be like to live back in the 19th century? Maybe you would like to spend a few nights inside a real historic fort. Well, both of these things can be accomplished at the Fort Langley National Historic Site. The site even offers visitors a real-life chance at panning for gold.

Take Advantage Of Waterton National Park




When it comes to convenience and beauty, you will not find anything more suitable than Waterton National Park. Even though you are just located right down the road from restaurants and store, you will be far enough back in the woods to feel like an adventurer. The park offers a variety of hiking trails, which are all gauged at a variety of difficulty levels. In addition to this, the Waterton Lake is a beautiful mountain lake that is composed of two bodies of water that offer a truly unique viewing experience.


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