3 Unique Travel Trip Ideas for Adventurous People

by TripGiraffe

A weekend in Paris, a luxury cruise in the Bahamas, and spring break in Cancun, all of these vacations are wonderful but some people yearn for a more adventurous getaway. Here are three unique ways to travel the world and dive headfirst into interesting new cultures.


1. Road Trip Around the U.S.


The United States is packed with different cultures and landscapes. The easiest, cheapest way to see it all is by car because the road network is straightforward and well developed. Public transport by plane or train is expensive and limited, so driving everywhere yourself allows you to reach every corner of this massive country on your own time.


In each state, take in the local culture and enjoy the nature that exists there. In Florida, soak up the sun on the gorgeous beaches. In Colorado, ski in the Rocky Mountains. In Michigan, explore the Great Lakes. In California, surf in the refreshing waves of the Pacific Ocean.


Also, try to eat what the locals eat. Catch your own crabs for dinner at one of the many crabbing locations in the USA., such as Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or Half Moon Bay, California. Gather your own fresh berries and pick apples in the New England countryside. Sample local cheese in Wisconsin. Every state offers its own unique adventures, and you can see them all by car.


2. Work in a Hostel Bar in South America



Work in exchange for accommodations to live in a new country while saving money on rent. Hostels are located all throughout South America and, for a few manageable shifts a week, you can live in a staff dormitory for free while exploring the country on your days off. This setup allows you to stay in one spot for a longer period of time, so you can immerse yourself thoroughly in the local culture.


Bar work can help you learn more about the local foods and drinks. You will learn how to concoct drinks and serve food that is special to that area, thus becoming an expert in the local cuisine. The full-time staff members and neighbors can teach you the local ways and help you learn Spanish. You will also meet countless interesting people who pass through the hostel on their travels and, with them, you can embark on day trips and adventures.


3. Island Hop in Southeast Asia


Home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, Southeast Asia is ideal for seeing many amazing places in a short time with a limited budget. Cheap ferries and flights make it easy to hop around from island to island and see it all.


Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines have tons of islands scattered around the ocean where you can swim, snorkel, surf, or get scuba-certified. In addition to picturesque beaches, these countries also have tropical forests, mountains, and wildlife reserves where you can hike, zip line, camp, and experience nature.


With so many countries in proximity to each other, and with many places where people speak English in tourist destinations, you can travel around these amazing places easily on very little money and converse with the locals.

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