Top 3 Sportfishing Locations Every Traveler Needs to Experience

by TripGiraffe

Most of us end up fishing in our own backyards. However, that does not mean we do not harbor plans to travel the world for the specific purpose of fishing. Whether it’s looking for the perfect place to get the different varieties of marlin or trying to get the best Kona fishing charter, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process that involves flying to the far reaches of the world.


Of course, there are many spots around the world, both near and far, that we would love to visit. However, could there be a list of destinations every fishing traveler should experience at least once in their life? Well, we put together an ultimate list. Here you will find the three ultimate fishing locations that you have to add to your bucket list no matter what.


1. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada



When it comes to bluefin tuna, you can hardly do better than the waters off the Prince Edward Island. This is where the world-record all-tackle bluefin tuna was caught in 1979. It weighed a whopping 1,496 pounds. There are many more that have been caught through the years weighing more than 1,000 pounds. The odds for catching such large bluefins are simply much higher here than anywhere else in the world. Most fish you catch will be heavier than 800 pounds. You’re also more likely to experience one hell of a standing battle here. The fishing happens mostly very near land and is typically within a one-mile radius. Most of the boats offered have fighting chairs. However, don’t let that stop you if you prefer to stand up. Bring on your best game. Your bait will include chunked, whole, or live fish, and you’ll use kites very often.


The rule at the moment is catch-and-release with boats being allowed to keep a maximum of two fish every season. These rules can change from year to year, however. The best time to fish here is the period between the start of August and the middle of October.



2. Malindi, Kenya



Malindi lies on Kenya’s coast and the waters off this coast offer anglers the best opportunity they’ll ever get to score a billfish royal slam, which is catching all nine species of billfish. If they’re lucky, they can even achieve a fantasy slam. As a matter of fact, the fantasy slam has been achieved off the coast of Malindi a few times and requires you to catch five species of billfish in a single day. You could even go beyond that and catch all six species of billfish in the area in a single day: striped marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, black marlin, shortbill spearfish and swordfish.


There are many experienced crews to choose from for charters offshore. There are also plenty of opportunities closer to the coast for anglers, including giant trevally and nearshore pelagics. You will also find plenty of hotels in the area offering accommodations and charters. The best time to come here is during the months of January and February, which is pretty much summer in Kenya.


3. Amazon Basin in Brazil



Many of us have probably suffered a deep bout of aquaphobia due to seeing piranhas in action in some movie. What better way to face your fears than go fish the little guys? The best place to go is the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonia, Manaus. There, you can be part of an adventure that offers piranha fishing as part of the package. Some of them also offer piranha eating. These fish will swarm a large chunk of meat quickly and have razor sharp teeth that will even cut through steel hooks. Be careful not to get your fingers bitten off.


You can fish here any time of the year but avoid going there in the dry season between July and October because the piranha are hungry and extra aggressive during this period.

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