3 Ways to Make Money While on the Road

by TripGiraffe

Money is one of the most commonly used excuses not to travel. People believe travel is always expensive and that it requires months or years of savings. Many believe they must stay committed to their jobs at home to maintain a consistent income and cannot afford to take time off. However, there are many ways to make money while on the road. A traveling lifestyle is easy to achieve if you take a risk and put in some effort while abroad. These different methods of creating income while traveling allow you to support yourself financially while exploring the world.

1. Find Freelance Work

Whether it is writing, content creation, graphic design, consulting, or any other type of work based on individual clients, you can continue your professional skills while traveling. All you need is a laptop and motivation to work hard.


Either maintain communication with clients from home while on the road or seek out new work opportunities in your area. Networking and meeting new people is a superb way to find potential clients for freelancing, or you can use an online platform. QuiGig, for example, connects freelancers with people who need work completed so you can find ways to use your skills and earn some money easily.


Freelancing allows you to continue honing, exercising, and developing your professional skills while seeing the world. You can also create your own schedule, saving time for adventures while making money during whichever work hours suit you best.


2. Document Your Travels

Create visual representations of your journey that people will pay to watch, whether it be a travel blog, video series, photography, or other digital archives. Try to gain a following through social media and online networking. Build your brand and turn your passion into a source of income. Monetize your blog or YouTube channel or sell your photography.


With the growth of technology and social media, people all around the world are able to watch and learn from the travels of others. Turning your travel tips and adventures into writing or visual art allows viewers to feel like they are traveling with you.


Although you will not make lots of money right from the start, you can grow your media presence gradually and eventually make decent money —  as long as you stay persistent and determined. This is a great route to take if you want to travel long-term, if you want to inspire others, and if you have a creative mindset.

3. Get a Temporary Job

If you are staying in a new place for at least a few weeks, find a quick work gig to make some money. Work in a hostel or bar, where you get paid in cash and do not need to commit to a long stay. You usually do not even need a visa for these types of jobs as long as you do not exceed the maximum length of stay for that country.


Either apply to work in person once you reach your destination or contact hostels and restaurants beforehand. The websites Worldpackers, Workaway, WWOOF, and Jetsetter Jobs are easy ways to find job opportunities. You can also search on Craigslist or the website equivalent in other countries and look for hospitality jobs or manual labor jobs. These industries are usually fine with temporary work, although it is preferred that you speak the local language with proficiency.


With an outgoing personality, a willingness to negotiate, and a desire to truly immerse yourself in a new culture, this method of working abroad will give you a unique local experience.


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