Why Everyone Should Travel

by TripGiraffe

The world has so much to offer, from unspoiled natural beauties to hundreds and thousands of different cultures, languages, and people. Traveling is one of the best investments you can possibly give to yourself because it reinforces your willingness to broaden your horizons, and experience something new or different. So put all the excuses behind you and hit the road!


You learn to take yourself not so seriously

It is quite normal that things don’t go as planned while traveling and that you encounter situations where you would have felt embarrassed at home. Traveling makes you realize that many things you worry about don’t actually matter that much, as you meet people with bigger problems than yours. You learn how to laugh at yourself and to see your problems in a different perspective, allowing you to be happier in the long run.


You learn to live in the present

Traveling makes it easier to forget about the past and not think about the future; but just to enjoy here and now! You will have countless of opportunities to absorb the atmosphere of the moment, watching what’s happing around you. When you travel you are more aware of things around you as they are often new and interesting. It is hard to worry when you are admiring the ancient pyramids in Egypt or when you are walking around the beautiful terraced rice fields in Vietnam. Traveling slows you down and takes your mind off things.



You improve your social skills

If you are a little shy or if it is hard for you to talk to new people, traveling can help you a lot. There will be situations when you won’t have any other option, but to overcome your shyness and ask a random stranger for directions to avoid getting lost.


You will have great stories to share

Hilarious things will happen when you travel, whether you like it or not. It may be an unpleasant experience when you are half-naked trying to catch a dog with your shoe in a rural village in Vietnam, but it will definitively be a humorous story to tell once you are back home. Not everyone will be thrilled to see thousands of pictures on your phone, but everyone will like to hear what funny things happened to you.



You appreciate the little things

Traveling will make you realize that you take many things for granted. Suddenly, first-world problems are not a big deal anymore. Are you used to drink tapped water at home? Not really possible in many countries in the world. Traveling offers an opportunity to put things in perspective and to realize how lucky you are with everything that you have.


You get motivated

It often happens that traveling gives us the necessary push to start chasing our dreams. When you are traveling in a poor country and you see the obstacles people are facing just to live their ordinary life, you may admit there is nothing on your way to meet your goals. You even may think twice, before making excuses when things get harder.



You truly get to know your travel buddy

On the road you can never fully avoid situations that will spark up the heat. While traveling, you truly get to know your travel buddy as you might get to see him/her in situations you haven’t seen them in before and outside of their comfort zone. You can never honestly say you know someone, until you have traveled a slice of the world with them.


You enrich yourself with once in a lifetime experiences

It is just hard to forget the beautiful sunset over the Grand Canyon just as it is easy to remember the time when you had to use thirty bank notes just to buy a water bottle in Cambodia. Traveling is full of moments of joy, and provides an education that’s absolutely impossible get at school.

So, wherever you are, there is a beautiful world awaiting to be explored, by you!


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