How To Save Money Before Your Trip

by TripGiraffe

Let's start with saying that traveling is not always as expensive as you may think. Actually, traveling can often be cheaper than staying at home. In any case, you need to have some money saved and here are some tips on how you can cut some of your expenses to make that dream trip happen.


Always do your homework


Before you start saving, do some research on how much you need to safe first. You can find information on living expenses of your destination on where you can do a quick search to find out how much money you will spend per day. You can even compare two cities on numbeo so you can see how much will the living expenses of your destination differ from your expenses at home.



Create a special account for your savings


Have you ever experienced the problem that despite of having a stable income, you don’t always end up saving your desired amount at the end of the month?  Don’t worry, you are not the only one. It is easy to set a saving goal and then lose track of your monthly cash flow. Try setting up a special account and crediti it with a fixed payment at the beginning of every month. This way you save up first and what is left you can spend. You can’t spend what your card doesn’t have access to.


If you still face difficulties saving enough, try using some of the expenses tracking apps. You can find many apps for free - try Money Lover for instance. Furthermore, when you keep track of your expenses and see your balance shrink, you think twice about what you really need to buy.


Cut back on the little things


Are you that type of a person who can’t imagine to start a day without a fresh Starbucks cup of espresso? It is damn good, but also expensive and you are trying to save up for your dream trip where you can drink fresh coffee for a fraction of the price. Try making your own coffee at home. And it doesn’t have to be and instant coffee. You can always buy coffee beans and prepare your own fresh espresso every morning. And you even get to skip the queues.


The example is made on coffee but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are countless of opportunities to save up some extra dollars. Just give it a try and start looking for them. Watching your daily expenses may be a place to start.



Cook your own meals


Working late hours can be very tiring and we often don’t have the energy to cook at home. Eating out then seems like a good solution. That may be right at the time, but in the long run, it will lower your chances of saving for your trip. Cooking your own meals easies up your budget and you may even learn some valuable skills doing so.


If you are really short on time in the evening, try cooking diners for the whole week on Sundays. You can store the food in the fridge or freezer and just warm it up when hungry. If you don’t mind eating the same meal several times a week, cooking in large portion not only saves time, money and dishes, but can also be a fun family/partner activity.



Sign up for Airbnb


Share economy has been the increasing trend during last few years and there is no reason why you couldn’t take advantage of it. The principle of letting flat, hardware or whatever, when we ourselves are not using it at the moment, is a noble one. Not only we don´t waste scare resources, but also can make some money of it - think about it.


Most of us have for instance already heard of the service Airbnb offers. But have you considered being on the other side of the service? If you have a spare room or a couch, you can always sign up at Airbnb and offer your place to other travelers. This way you can make some needed cash for your travels just as to gain some inspiration and useful advice from your guests.


Try Carpooling 


Public transport, commuting and simply getting from point A to B can be fun and a good experience while on the road, but very tiring and time wasting while on regular routine. If you travel by car regularly the same route, you may try to save some dollars by sharing your ride. Carpooling is another great way how to save money and, as a bonus, it also helps to conserve the nature you wish to explore. There are many carpooling apps that can help you to get a ride to your destination or find someone to tag along with you. Your carpooling buddy will not only split the gas bill with you but can also offer a way to cheer up the everyday commute.


One of the best carpooling apps is Blablacars. With over ten million downloads you get a solid base of potential carpoolers to help you cut down on your commute bills. When choosing your carpool buddy, you exactly know how many people are riding in the car and what amount the driver wishes you to contribute so there is no misunderstanding.



Whether you are saving for a weekend getaway, beach resort vacation or a month long backpacking journey, you can always save the amount you need if you just dedicate yourself and endure in your efforts. Be patient and you will be rewarded with and unforgettable adventure you will remember for life.


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