6 Qualities of a Perfect Travel Buddy

by TripGiraffe

Finding a good travel buddy is not that hard as finding the perfect one. A good travel buddy can be someone with whom you share interests and who has a similar personality. It is generally someone with whom you enjoy spending time and who has the same budget priorities. Finding the perfect travel buddy can be on the other hand a little more challenging. When you find someone who meets the following 6 qualities, you can be quite confident that you will have a great time together.


1) Is not afraid to take up responsibility

Whether you like it or not, there may always be a moment when not everything goes as planned. Then you have to make a quick decision to get the best out of an unpleasant situation. It often happens that nobody wants to make the bad decisions and risk of taking the blame, but some decision still needs to be made. A perfect travel buddy, however, is not afraid to act and decide for both when it is needed.

2) Always thinks positively

It is nothing new that people like to spend more time with people who are positive and this is especially true when it comes to traveling. Unexpected things happen and complaining or even swearing can only make the situation worse. A perfect travel buddy makes jokes about misfortunes, never complains and takes things as they are.


3) Can enjoy the moment

It may happen that your travel partner does not want to spend much time somewhere and just wants to hop from place to place in order to quickly cross out all the highlights from the to-visit list. A perfect travel buddy doesn’t rush from sight to sight and likes to relax somewhere for a while and enjoys the atmosphere of the place.

4) Doesn’t try to save on everything

Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive and it is possible to travel on budget pretty much everywhere. However, even when we travel on budget, there are moments that spending a little extra money is well worth it. Especially, when you travel half way around the world and it is very unlikely that you will return to the same place again. If there is a tour you wish to join, but you are hesitant because of spending some extra money over your planned expenses limit, a perfect travel buddy will encourage you to go for it and will prefer experience over money.



5) Is eager to try new things

Traveling is not only about exploring new places but also about trying new things that you encounter during your travels. It does not matter whether it is just trying local food or taking a motorcycle taxi in Asia, as long as it is something you wouldn’t do in your hometown. These experiences are the ones which we tend to remember the most and which we like to share with our friends. If you decide to travel with someone who is not open to anything new, you will miss out a lot of amazing experiences.

6) Is open to meeting new people

When you travel with a travel partner, you should not tend to close yourself from meeting other people. It is always good if you are open to meeting other fellow travelers or local people, because they can provide you with useful information about the places you are planning to go to, just as you can learn something about their country. Besides, if you travel with someone for a longer period of time and you don’t talk to anyone else, you risk that you will get cabin fever and your trip won’t be as enjoyable as it could have been. Therefore, make sure your travel buddy shares this belief before you go traveling for a longer period of time.


Choosing the perfect travel buddy will not only ensure that you will enjoy your trip, but also that you will share an experience that may even result in friendship for life.


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